City Connect Team



Ivica Mađura
Ivica connecting all the dots. He has 19 years of experience in implementing business process improvements, from Transcom as an Country Account Manager to multiple senior management positions in the telekom and customer service industry with large BPO’s. Certified for COPC® Implementation leader, well networked and highly successful in defining company direction and achieving goals.


Ines Gerbus Barbir
Highly accomplished, results-driven senior accounting and financial management executive with more than 15 years of progressive experience in finance and operations management within start-ups and global organizations.


Domagoj Lučić
Successful, competent and recognized expert in information technology and data security with excellent knowledge of contact center technologies. He has a unique set of skills with dozens of successfully completed challenging projects under his belt.


Croatia Country Manager

Ivana Barić
Ivana started her career in the biggest SEE inbound web shop, always successfully connecting clients with their needs.
She has a proven ability to multi-task in high-stress, and dynamic environments while driving growth and providing excellent problem solving and leadership.

Slovenia Country Manager

Samanta Sofić
Samanta is connecting all the dots. She is an experienced international leader in the business process outsourcing industry, especially for contact center and sales operations. She has more than 10 years of experience in various manager positions of our industry. Her energy, sense for people, result track record and experience make her an ideal leader for many successful years to come.

North Macedonia Country Manager

Anče Todorovska
With more than 20 years in senior managerial functions, last being the Executive Customer Service Director with Macedonian Telekom and T- Mobile, Anče specialized herself in international business development.

Serbia Country Manager

Dobrivoje Andrejić
Passionate about developing business and people, Dobrivoje enjoys building high performing teams, growing relationships, winning businesses and developing key accounts.

Head of HR

Karmela Šifel
Within City Connect positioned as a mother figure for all the employees, Karmela is by all means connected to all of them. Probably something she carried on from more than 10 years experience of taking care of hundreds of her colleagues at Croatian Telecom (Deutsche Telekom member).

Workforce Manager

Hrvoje Car
Hrvoje is always striving for excellence. He masters the skill of optimizing the workforce with the client’s demand to deliver the best possible results. Excellent problem solving and time management skills make him a want-to-have colleague at every team.

Account Manager

Tajana Tissauer
Tajana is extremely valued for her ability to easily adapt to a new environment as well as her strong desire to improve. Her ambition and curiosity always push her ever so further in order to achieve goals set by the clients and herself.

Group Leader

Zoran Marković
Zoran is an experienced leader with wide range of abilities. He has more than 30 years of experience in the free market economy in various different industries like car, wood, logistics and customer service industries. Zoran speaks German, Croatian and English lanugages.

Head of Connections

Mario Samardžija
Two words. Sales. Connection. Mario is one of the rare guys that can convince you to connect and to connect and to connect…bulletproof by all BPO’s he’s been working with.

Head of International Accounts

Christofer Terzić
Christofer is fluent in three languages. Born and raised in Munich, studied in Split, living in Zagreb and working in Varaždin. Connecting cities from day one.

Contact Center Manager

Magdalena Gudelj
Magdalena came from Austria to connect German Clients with Croatia.
She is passionate about what she does and has the ability to share this with her team.


Oliver Fischer
As a knowledgeable purchasing expert with over 20 years of experience, Oliver is very competent in supply management, contract management, audit management, invoicing, documentation and, of course, customer service. In City Connect, Oliver also acts as a cross-project trainer in all three languages (German, English, Italian), which he speaks fluently.


Chairman of Supervisory Board

Marko Dagelić
Marko started his career in the United States after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. Last twenty years Marko spent on different C-level positions in consultancy, telekoms and service industry – leading global and regional companies. Marko holds an MBA in Financial Management from University of Economics Split and MBA degree in Leadership and Strategy from London Business School. He is actively enrolled in many associations, speaker and lecturer at business schools. Currently, Marko acts as an independent business consultant and interim manager, Connecting the dots internationally.

Co-Chairman of Supervisory Board

Tomislav Bajić
As a venture capitalist and an executive at several start-ups, Tomislav Bajić is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a strong sense for people. Tomislav is the Founder and CEO of Herus Group, developing and launching (among other things) first Croatian online portal and TV channel for small businesses. Currently his major interest is in hospitality and service industry, both in Europe and Australia. Driven to empower and educate other start ups to follow a greater path, Tomislav decided to join City Connect Supervisory Board. Tomislav is a natural Connector who can engage a team of any size with his enigmatic and energetic presence.

Member of Supervisory Board

Matija Grabar
Matija is the founder and co-owner of a leading Managed Cloud Provider CRATIS, one of the founders and core ICT partner of City Connect. Matija is a true technology pioneer. Prior to CRATIS, Matija was a CTO at a major telekom company. He is an executive level leader with proven success in enterprise planning and management, providing mission-critical managed cloud services to even the most demanding customers. He is extremely business intuitive with significant contribution and creativity in generating cost-effective solutions. In increasing demand for sophisticated customer service experience, Matija is the driver behind the commercialization of technology.

Member of Supervisory Board

Filip Sabalić
Filip is the co-owner of a leading Managed Cloud Provider CRATIS, one of the founders and core ICT partner of City Connect. Filip is a CTO at CRATIS responsible for design and development of every technical solution. Running a team of 15 engineers and IT specialists with dozens of complexed projects under his belt, positions Filip as an experienced and extremely recognized IT expert. Filip’s in-depth knowledge of various computer hardware and software technologies and best industry practices with his specialization in datacenter technology and network analysis, makes him a unique and versatile expert capable of making the impossible possible.

Member of Supervisory Board

Mladen Jančić
Mladen has over 25 years of management and consulting experience, including ten years of work in London City. He has a Master’s degree in economy from London Metropolitan University, and is also certified at Harvard University. Upon return to his native region, he founded Anglo-Adria Management Consulting in 2004. During his career he became a certified management (CMC) and UN (UNIDO) consultant, as well as coach (certified by AoEC and EMCC). At Anglo-Adria, he works as a trainer, consultant and speaker in areas of sales, negotiation and leadership. He writes a column for business magazine and work as a lecturer at the business academy in Zagreb, where he lives with his wife and son.


Member of Advisory Board

Igor Barlek
Igor Barlek is a Certified ISO 19600: 2014 Compliance Officer and Designated Data Protection Officer at City Connect. He has been in the electronic communications industry for over 22 years, particularly in the area of ​​harmonization with the EU and the national legal framework for electronic communications, wholesale, technology and ICT. Igor is a member of the EADPP Committee on Strategy and Policy with extensive experience in more than 80 GDPR compliance projects.

Member of Advisory Board

Stefan Zoerner
Stefan is a senior executive and entrepreneurial thinker. He was born in Germany where he currently lives. Stefan gained working experience in Netherlands, France and the United States as well as in Saudi-Arabia and South Korea. Currently, he is a Managing Director of a leading German fin-tech company. Stefan spent last two years as a COO of Webhelp Germany, after a seven year stretch on a senior management position within Deutsche Telekom group.

Member of Advisory Board

Renata Preglej Garić
After 18 years of different C-level positions in telco, service industry and consultancy, Renata is experienced in areas of Business operations, Human resources, Marketing and Sales. She has gathered her knowledge working for large international corporations and mid-sized privately held companies. She is currently managing her own company, Solve Studio d.o.o. which is a management consultancy company, specialized in advising clients on organizational development, efficiency and profitability, with the central goal of increasing client’s competitiveness. When needed, Renata also acts as an interim manager. Her passion is people development with special focus on individual business coaching.

Member of Advisory Board

Marko Porobija
Marko began his career at Porobija & Špoljarić immediately after graduating from law school. During his work, he specialized in matters related to investments, mergers & acquisitions, as well as legal support to clients in high-tech. His life mission is to make legal services easily available through the introduction of the latest technologies into the legal services sector.
In line with the policy of promoting alternative dispute resolution, Marko is a proponent of amicable dispute resolution and a certified mediator.

Member of Advisory Board

Domagoj Zaloker
Domagoj Zaloker is a Partner and a Member of the Supervisory Board of TEB Business Advisory, a leading Croatian Tax and Finance advisory company for the past 70 years. He has extensive experience and expertise in business financing and tax legislation. Domagoj is a primary counsel for many Croatian companies, both privately and government owned. He is a frequent speaker at many finance seminars and conferences. Domagoj holds a University degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. He lives in Velika Gorica, father of two girls with an interest in boxing which he practices weekly.